For me, this website is a labor of love.  I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort trying to get the basics of music theory into a form that most people can understand.  Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy and do expect to incur expenses along the arc of this site’s lifespan.

In order to offset these costs, I have sacrificed to the capitalist Gods and included some limited affiliate advertising.  Limited in that the ads will somehow relate to the site’s content.  There’s nothing worse than being flogged with click-bait about the latest Kardashian over-exposure when all you really want is to understand music a little better.

The truth be told, I’d much rather just be able to offer a completely clean site with zero advertising, but that’s not yet in the cards – possibly in the future.

So in the meantime, here’s how you can help me make this site better..


If you have something of interest (that’s related to this site) and would like to contribute it to the cause then I’m all ears.  Whether it’s a correction on an existing page or complete post related to beginning music theory, you will of course be given full credit and attributed accordingly.

If you manufacture some form of musical equipment or software and would like to showcase it on this site, then contact me.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll add it, but if you can make a compelling case as to why it would be of interest to this website’s audience, I’ll at least give it serious consideration.

Quid pro quo.


I will be offering a few inexpensive cheat sheets covering KEYS, minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic) as well as the 7 MAJOR modes.  They are still in process but should be ready in the near future.  All of which is highly dependent upon my ability to find time to work on them.


NOTE: The following was written before Amazon changed its policies in the state in which I live, but I left it in for historical reasons and because it’s kind of funny.

I live in a state where the legislators (if you can call them that) thought it a good idea to punish 10’s of thousands of their constituents by passing “nexus laws” regarding affiliate programs – specifically, Amazon affiliate programs.  I guess they figured that by limiting their constituents ability to place Amazon ads on their websites that they’d teach that big nasty AMAZON that they’re MAD AS HELL and more than willing to take money out of their constituents pockets in order to teach that evil “BEZOS the BILLIONAIRE” and his phalanx of “Bezobots” a lesson.

With logic like that, I’m surprised we’re not all still living in caves…

But for those intrepid companies brave enough to stare down these nattering nexus neanderthals, I salute you!  I appreciate the opportunity to make some extra money to help pay for the upkeep and feeding of this website.  While I’d be thrilled to exceed an “unlimited” bandwidth account, it’s a well known fact that they’re NOT really unlimited.  After reaching an unknown magical number they’ll either throttle your account bandwidth, suspend your account or ask for more money..


I’m open to just about any type of advertising within reason.  From small side column graphics and links to footer images to mid-page banners to sponsorships to…


Because of the above section detailing my home state’s myopic herd of GRAND POOBAHS, and their astonishing lack of insight into all things concerning common sense, I am also relegated to begging for donations as a way to keep this site up and running and to refine the text content, graphics and audio.

I have a lot of very cool ideas dealing with interactivity for this site but they’ll take both time and money to bring to fruition.  A lot of it I can do myself, but there are parts that would be better left to others.  And that takes money..


Many of the better graphics and signal processing software offerings can be VERY expensive.  I see them as tools to further the effectiveness and reach of this website by providing top-notch graphics and audio to the people trying to learn the basic theory behind what they hear.

If you see them as a way to reach a larger audience, I’d be more than willing to give up some prime advertising space for any of the following titles or products.

Software titles and hardware I could use:

  • Auralex MudGuard or a CAD Acousti-Shield for better vocal and acoustic guitar isolation.  My homemade baffles, while functional, just aren’t the same.
  • Any iZotope offering.

NOTE: I’m not interested in stolen software copies. I have extensive software authoring experience and I know how hard quality software can be to write. As much as I’d love to have copies of these titles, I’m not going to steal them so please don’t offer unless they’re fully licensed versions that can be transferred legally.

Any help with the above will be greatly appreciated.

You can get in touch with me via the contact page.