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Cleartone Strings

Recently, I decided to try a set of Cleartone Acoustic (phosphor/bronze) strings.  In the past, I had tried other “coated” strings – Elixers to be exact – and thought them too dull sounding when compared to uncoated strings.  After talking to the clerk at the local music store, and being reassured that they were different […]

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Avid Pro Tools First

Today (07/07/2015), I received an invitation to download the newly released Avid Pro Tools First.  A free cut-down version of its commercial offering.  Coming in at a whopping 859.55 MB in size, it wasn’t exactly svelte. My first impressions — meh. For a “free” application, there sure are a lot of hoops to jump through […]

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Because I have a fairly low BS threshold and hate it when companies run roughshod over their customers, I will occasionally editorialize on whatever I…

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