Audio Software

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different software titles available that are related to creating or learning music.  I would never profess to know where your needs lie in this regard but here are a few that I find interesting or useful.

RiffStation ($35) is a great learning and comping tool.  Is it perfect – no.   By default, the chord finder only sees MAJOR, minor and MAJOR 7th chords, but it’s still a fantastic piece of technology for the money.  And if you’re anything like me and comp a lot of song ideas without bothering to write the chord changes down, this app can save your butt!

Transcribe ($39) is another application in the same vein as RiffStation.  It can speed things up, slow things down, change keys, wash your windows and feed your dog.

SongSurgeon ($79 Pro) looks like an interesting piece of software for those needing to dissect songs.  Touted as the “swiss army knife” of audio software, I’m inclined to believe it’s probably more like the “swiss army fork”.

For me, the next app is the knife.

Audacity Logo

Audacity is the ultimate free audio tweak tool for Windows or Linux.  The later versions have brought the interface into the 21st century and improves on its functionality.  It can do a multitude of audio manipulations on many different formats and the prices is right: $0.

Here’s a short video from titled “Steps to take before attempting repairs” that deals with Audacity.

If you have one that needs to be added to the list, tell me why in the comments below.