Does your guitar playing suck?

How many times have you picked up your guitar only to play if for a few weeks and then put it back in its case and stuff it back in the closet?  Did it seem like every time you picked it up, you played the same tired combinations of chords until you ran out of things to play?

Trust me, you are NOT alone!

Most people start with every intention of becoming proficient enough to play the things that they hear on the radio or in their heads.  But if they don’t take at least a few lessons to learn the proper techniques and at least a little music theory, their chances of succeeding are pretty slim.

Looks easy on TV, doesn’t it!

Well, I’m here to tell you that it looks easy because they’ve spent the time to understand the instrument they’re playing and the combinations and connections created by the various keys, notes and chords.

Try as we might to gather wisdom from the air that surrounds us, osmosis simply does not work well for us humans.  We actually have to put in some kind of guided effort in order to ‘absorb’ the knowledge necessary to move forward in our pursuits.

Especially when the subject has a haughty air of complexity – like music theory.

For most people, learning basic music theory is like trying to learn Martian.  It’s mysterious, other-worldly and unnecessarily complex (or so I’ve been told).  But, it really doesn’t have to be.  Once most people see the various relationships in context, they can get a grip on it pretty quickly.

Now I’m not going to advocate that you learn everything there is to know about music theory.  That’s as ridiculous a pursuit as it is impossible.  Instead, find the “AHA!” moments and build on them.  Make the theory work for your imagination and needs. And whatever you do – don’t become a slave to the minutiae!

And thus this website!  I’ve tried very hard to make the text as simple as possible to understand and follow.  And because most people are visual learners, I created graphics to help reinforce the ideas in the viewer’s “mind’s eye.” It’s up to them to get it in their ear!

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